Protein Synthesis Animation

Protein Synthesis Animation

Protein Synthesis Animation: Translation (protein synthesis) is a fundamental biological process involving a huge (on the molecular scale) protein-RNA machine. A great deal of information on the structure and function of this machine has been discovered in the last few years. Current animations and tutorials on translation are oversimplified; conversely, in the current fine structure representations of the ribosome the basic biological functions are lost in the detail. This animation is meant to marry these two aspects of protein synthesis.

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Future Possibilities

Create a zip package with animation and interactive tools for easy download. Add the initiation phase, and termination, of translation. Add 3D models of EF-G in the GTP bound state. Add 3D models of the remaining structures.

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Holmes Scott: Author
Anne Loyer: Graphical Designer

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Holmes Scott

Science and Technology\Biology\Molecular Biology


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