The project shows how the vertebrate nervous system forms during the process of neurulation. The animation shows this process for a mouse embryo and enable students and researchers to visualize the closure of the neural tube and growth of the brain within the developing embryo.

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Future Possibilities

A second phase would expand the anterior part of the developing nervous system and show how the developing forebrain differentiates by producing new neurons that migrate and form synaptic connections.

My research focuses on neurogenesis and differentiation of young neurons in the forebrain, and I envision a module showing this process and the particular role of programmed cell death in sculpting the developing brain. The web site below has a series of beautiful animations of human embryo development, which give an idea of what has already been done for the human embryo. I would like to have this for mouse because most research on developmental abnormalities of the brain are done! in the mouse embryo. Ultimately similar movies could show mice, chicks, birds, and human neural tube development.

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Janice Naegele: Author
Wolasi Konu: Graphical Designer
Anne Loyer: Graphical Designer
Luis Henao: Content Provider

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Janice Naegele

Science and Technology\Biology


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