Virtual Instrument Museum

Virtual Instrument Museum

Instruments selected from among several hundred in the collection of Wesleyan's Music department are presented in this online collection with photos, and brief audio and video performances. The collection may be searched by material, type, genre, region and more.

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Future Possibilities

  • The Cite Museum of Paris has an animated Flash photo of a Javanese gamelan wherein the instrument that are played light up ( Instruments can be isolated upon playback through the use of multi-tracked recording. We wish to explore simiilar technology, but also using human players. To date, all of our videos are of soloists.
  • We propose recording small and large ensembles in studio conditions. We also propose to create pages where users can play instruments by clicking on the keys or strings of a solo instrument as well as instruments in an ensemble. (This can be done on the French site listed above.) With our diverse ensembles (steelband, African drumming, gamelan, Korean drumming, and others), we have resources found nowhere else. The potential just as a study tool to break down complex orchestra musics is invaluable.

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Eric Charry: Author
Anne Loyer: Graphical Designer
Will Gladstone: Programmer
Daniel Schnaidt: Project Manager

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