Unaahil B'aak: the Temples of Palenque

Unaahil B'aak: the Temples of Palenque

The goal of Unaahil B'aak (lit. the houses of Palenque) is to allow visitors the opportunity to experience the architecture and ruins of Palenque in a more interactive way than is normally afforded by slides or books. Moreover, while film or video conveys a space well, its sequential and temporal limitations prevent visitors from moving through space at their own pace, inspecting specific artistic features, or in the case of the Maya reading hieroglyphic texts. We have also tried to place Palenque’s temples into their greater social, religious, and artistic contexts by providing translations of glyphic inscriptions and pages examining the vernacular architecture as well as the ritual of the contemporary Maya. Thus, we hope that the site will serve as a gateway not just to Palenque itself, but also as an introduction to basic themes in Maya art and culture both ancient and modern.

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Future Possibilities

Bring 3D models into Director to allow Mac Users to use walk through.

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Michael Carrasco: Author
Wolasi Konu: Graphical Designer
Anne Loyer: Graphical Designer
Luis Henao: Content Provider
William Gladstone: Programmer
Dan Schnaidt: Project Manager

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