cURL: A Curricular Resource Library

cURL: A Curricular Resource Library

Project cURL: A Curricular Resource Library
cURL stands for Curricular Resource Library. Project cURL is an experiment in using the web for collaboration. It is an on-line resource for faculty and librarians, allowing them to share information, and create more usable web resources for use in college-level courses.

A major obstacle to the adoption of networked-based instruction is the lack of effective methods for finding those primary source materials that may already be in digital form but are not easily located using traditional search methods. Project CuRL seeks to address this problem through the collaborative development of a Curricular Resource Library that will be co-developed by faculty, librarians, and IT staff from five residential, primarily undergraduate institutions: Connecticut College, Dartmouth College, Trinity College, Wesleyan University, and Williams College.

The objective of Project CuRL is to reduce inefficiencies in time and network resources required to make effective use of multimedia and internet resources in curricular development. To do this, we intend to develop a systematic method for describing, storing, and retrieving links to pedagogically useful internet resources, implementing the newly developed standards of the Instructional Management System, a national initiative sponsored by Educom to integrate the use of metadata to improve the quality of search engines in discovering pedagogically sound internet resources. While the development of these resources will be closely tied to specific curricular initiatives, the overall design will be towards enabling re-use of materials within multiple instructional and institutional contexts.

We propose to accomplish this through two specific initiatives: 1) a competitive grant program that will fund faculty initiatives to create cooperatively managed collections of internet resources and 2) the design and development of a multi-media and link database to enable the re-use of materials developed through the faculty curriculum development grants.

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Future Possibilities

  • Implement new design for Earth and Environmental Sciences.
  • Make application available to other disciplines?

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Cecilia Miller: Author
Ann Loyer: Graphical Designer
Alan Nathanson: Content Provider
John Refior: Content Provider
Dan Terkla: Content Provider
Jamie Wong: Content Provider
Mary Glynn: Programmer
Mike Roy: Instructional Designer

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Cecilia Miller

Science and Technology\Geology Social Sciences


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