Body Wall Formation in the Chick Embryo

Body Wall Formation in the Chick Embryo

My research centers on this issue, and I have generated a series of schematic diagrams to illustrate our findings on how cells migrate during the process of body wall and limb formation in the chick embryo. It would be fabulous to link these schematics together as an animation. This would be very useful in Biol 206 where students are introduced to embryonic processes. Ideally we would be able to go backwards and forwards in developmental time, looking at how cellular environment changes. Teaching the complex movements of cells is extremely difficult, and animations could provide instant understanding for students. Since this is my research area, it will also be very valuable on that level, and provide an excellent link between teaching and research.

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Future Possibilities

Build an interface that would allow comparisons of development of different sections of te embryo: Section through rib, through intercostal muscle, through limb, etc

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Ann Burke: Author
Wolasi Konu: Graphical Designer
Anne Loyer: Graphical Designer
Will Gladstone: Programmer

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Ann Burke

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