Metadata is a fancy term for cataloging information that can be used to describe your learning object. There are many ways that people can find your learning object. One way is to create metadata about your learning object and to attach it in some way to the object itself. Another way is to store information about your learning object in a learning object repository.

Attaching Metadata to your Learning Object

If your learning object is available by way of a web page, many web editors allow you to add metadata to a webpage.

A more sophisticated method involves using SCORM-compliant tools that embed metadata directly to the files that comprise your object. Many popular multi-media authoring tools have this ability.

Adding your Learning Object to a Learning Object Repository

Wesleyan is collaborating with NITLE (the National Insitute for Technology and Liberal Education) to create a learning object exchange called LoLa (Learning Objects, Learning Activities) . It is available at

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