Help with the Workbook

We've created a set of supporting documents to make using the workbook easier.

Workbook Examples

To help use the workbook in support of the development process, we've created a set of example texts and supporting documents to provide models.

Issues and resources for managing intellectual property issues for your learning object.

Design Concepts
Description of the design process, a listing of tools and techniques used, and a set of example designs.

Educational Goals
Sample statements of educational goals.

Techniques for evaluating the educational effectiveness of a learning object.

Learning Activities
Sample descriptions of learning activities.

Methods for creating MetaData for your learning object.

Project Schedules
Techniques for building schedules, and sample schedules for projects.

Sample Workbooks
Examples of workbooks that we've created in support of our projects.

Techniques for testing, and sample testing documents and reports.

Techniques for usability testing, and sample usability reports.

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