The following is a break down of the roles played by various people in the learning object development process. This list does not reflect our current staff, but rather an ideal staff. It serves as a description of where we would like to go, and as a guide to other institutions that are developing learning object programs. Currently several roles are often taken on by one person, with varying degrees of effectiveness given the time constraints. As we continue to grow we hope to find funding that will allow these roles to be played by separate individuals, and thus improve the efficiency of our process and the quality of the work.

Project Manager

  • Works with faculty to develop initial LO proposal
  • Fills out LO work book
  • Assign Librarian to search for similar and related resources
  • Set up method for sharing documents and notes (such as twiki)
  • Build team based on project needs
  • Lead project up to design phase.
  • After design and production, lead project through assessment and publishing, assigning librarian to creation of Meta data.
  • Develop maintenance plan; assign documentation and back up of source files.
  • Determine if prototyping phase is necessary, with input from design & technical lead.
  • Manage production of content by content specialist (faculty) and others.
  • Create inventory of existing assets (images, sound, video, drawings, etc.) and coordinate creation of assets if necessary. Assign digitization of assets.
  • Research funding opportunities and develop grant proposals.
  • Maintain a project schedule

Designer (Design Lead or Art Director)

  • Lead project through design and conceptualization
  • Develop Site Map / Wireframe/ Storyboard/   Narrative Specification/Use cases (description of learning activities) as needed, with input from team. Develop information architecture and interface design.
  • Review above with faculty, programmer and PM
  • Create revised sketches as needed, and review
  • Create prototypes with programmer as necessary
  • Coordinate usability testing if resources allow
  • Develop final design, based on revised sketches
  • Work with 3d modeler, animator, videographer , editor and others to create graphics and other necessary assets
  • Create list of final design deliverables, and coordinate their production with design team and programmer/technical lead.

The Design team would ideally include the following (though these tasks may be shared or one person may take on more than one task).

  • Flash/Shockwave designer and animator
    • Create animations based on project spec
    • Implement interface and functionality per design spec
    • Work with developer to build project for streamlined scripting and reusability
    • Work with 3d modeler for flash and shockwave applications
  • Jr. graphic designer
    • Work with designer, 3d modeler, animator, videographer , editor and others to create graphics and other necessary assets
    • Build QTVR movies as needed
    • Prep images for web
    • Create web page elements based on design spec
    • Create flash animations and elements as needed
    • Build out flash applications based on templates
    • Log video and audio
  • 3D modeler and animator
    • Work with designer/art director to implement design concept
    • Sketch final output
    • Storyboard animation
    • Create 3D models from sources such as contour maps, architectural drawings, tissue scans.
    • Composite animations with other video material or animations, as needed
    • Design models to optimize animation and rendering
  • Videographer and Sound Technician
    • Work with designer/art director to implement design concept
    • Sketch final output, camera positions, set layout
    • Test locations and design sets. Review with art director
    • Storyboard video shoots
    • Perform video color corrections
    • Create rough cuts for review
    • Composite animations with other video material or animations, as needed
    • Work with designer to create motion graphics
    • Optimize video for delivery over different platforms
    • Clean up sound recordings as needed

Programmer (Technical Lead)

  • Determine technical resources needed by various design schemes
  • Research various technical solutions; build prototypes as necessary
  • Work with PM to build production team and production schedule
  • Lead the production phase
  • Implement design and functionality defined in design phase
  • Work with design team to determine design deliverables and schedule
  • Coordinate assets
  • Work with QC to establish testing criteria and a testing schedule
  • Log and assign bug fixes
  • Document code and back up files
  • Log ideas for future implementations
  • Design data bases as needed
  • Write action script for dynamic flash applications
  • Write HTML, JavaScript, Perl, etc as needed by application

Quality Control/Testing

  • Work with design to create usability tests
  • Implement usability tests and log results
  • Work with programmer to create bug test of project on appropriate platforms, in appropriate conditions, etc.
  • Implement bug test and log results
  • Work with PM to create test of content - for readability, clarity, etc.
  • Implement bug test and log results
  • Provide feedback as to closeness of final result to original design


  • Research existing learning objects that may meet faculty needs
  • Research similar projects that will provide useful information, design ideas, standards in the field, etc.
  • Create Meta data for learning objects.
  • Catalog learning objects in learning object repositories


  • Edit copy as needed for project
  • Outline content needs for projects
  • Proof read
  • Research content for project


Digitization Services

  • Scan and prep images
  • Digitize video
  • Prep audio files

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