Assessment Resources

U of M Digital Media Center: Evaluation Methods
Focuses on student learning outcomes. Overview discussion of Goals, Evaluation Techniques, Data Collection Methods, and Results analysis. Excellent resource for the beginning evaluator.

Hints for Designing Effective Questionnaires By Robert B. Frary
A useful list of "Dos and Don'ts" for writing questionnaires.

The Prospects for Summative Evaluation of Computer-aided Learning in Higher Education By Stephen W. Draper
Published in Association of Learning Technology Journal 1997:5(1):33-39. Examines the problems with summative evaluations, and suggests an "integrative" approach that emphasizes the manner in which the technology is introduced and integrated into the course.

The TLT Group
"The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Group (TLT Group) is a non-profit corporation. Its mission is to help educators around the world, in all phases and sectors of learning, to get better results from their use of technology, and with acceptable stress and costs." See in particular the Assessemnt page at

Writing RFPs for Assessment Programs By Pamela E. Aschbacher
An overview of the basic issues encountered in writing Request for Proposals to solicit assessment services from an outside source.

Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation
"This on-line journal provides education professionals access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice, especially at the local education agency (LEA) level."

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