Given the expense involved in the production of learning objects, it is critical that we take time to evaluate the benefits that these materials bring to the learning experience.

However, recognizing the wide-ranging nature of our learning objects, the ways in which they are employed by different instructors, and the learning goals set out by each instructor, we feel it is not possible to prescribe a completely predefined evaluation plan, questionnaire, or methodology in order to assess student learning outcomes. Rather, we have assembled a pool of questions for use in surveys, focus groups, and interviews, and we provide information about protocols and planning that we use in formulating our assessments.

Assessment Plan
Outline of a data collection and analysis models we are using in our own evaluations.

Ricardian Explorer Assessment
An analysis of how the use of the Ricardian Explorer in two International Trade sections improved students' understanding of comparative advantage.

Links to Assessment Resources
Links to general resources having to do with assessing the impact of technology on learning.

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