NMC Announces 2005 Center of Excellence Award Recipients

The New Media Consortium (NMC), an international consortium of colleges, universities, and museums, today announced the recipients of the 2005 NMC Center of Excellence Award. The award, the highest honor bestowed by the NMC, recognizes demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement in the application of technology to learning or creative expression.

Symbolized by a specially struck medallion suspended in a translucent obelisk, the Center of Excellence Award has been designed purposefully to make it distinct from other award or recognition programs. Colleges do not compete for the award, nor is it granted within predefined categories. The selection process is based on the MacArthur Awards, and like that program, the nominators and others involved in the selection process remain anonymous as a core principle of the program. They are chosen from organizations both within and outside the NMC, and represent a considerable diversity of knowledge.

"The Center of Excellence Awards celebrate the innovation and creativity that is part of the fabric of every member institution," said NMC CEO Larry Johnson. "The NMC colleges recognized this year represent the best of our field, and each has had a tremendous history of accomplishment."

The 2005 NMC Center of Excellence Award recipients are:

California State University, Chico
Academic Technologies
Recognized for their creative, technical and artistic support of the campus community

The University of Texas at Austin
Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment
Recognized for their systemic and comprehensive approaches to faculty support

Wesleyan University
Information Technology Services
Recognized for their exemplary approaches to the development of learning objects

"The 2005 class of recipients represents the very best of the community of innovators that is the NMC, and each exemplifies the vision that brings us all together," noted Lev Gonick, chair of the NMC Board of Directors. "Individually and together, these three colleges exemplify the highest values of the NMC, and each has compiled a history of accomplishment that has helped set the standards in the application of new media forms to teaching, learning, and creative expression."

"The selection committee had a tremendous task and did their job well," Johnson stated at the Center of Excellence Awards ceremony at the NMC 2005 Summer Conference today. "The 2005 recipients are all acknowledged leaders in the application of technology by any standard. A group that includes schools large and small, the well-endowed and the not-so-well endowed, they represent the best of the NMC. Together and individually they exemplify the state of the art."

If you would like to read more about the conference and the award check out the NMC website at http://www.nmc.org