The Scroll Singers of Naya opens at Lisbon Museum

An exhibition of the art and performance of the women of Naya opened at the Museu Nacional de Etnologia in Lisbon, Portugal on July 5. The web site developed by the Academic Media Studio was packaged on a CDROM, so visitors to the museum could read translations of the scroll stories, and watch interviews with the scroll singers and painters. Akos Astor reports the Naya opening “went amazingly well…and the web site was a smashing success!”

Visit the web site: The Scroll Singers of Naya

Painting and singing stories told in scrolls (patas in Bengali) goes back to ancient times in India. For generations hereditary painter-singers (Patuas or Chitrakars) have been practicing their craft in the Midnapur district of West Bengal. This website introduces the viewer to the village of Naya, 3 hours from Calcutta, where many Chitrakar women have recently taken up the Patua craft.