§ Understanding the
Molecular Basis of Cancer


§ Cancer Data Maps


Welcome to the “Perspectives on Cancer” learning object.  This project is designed to help students understand the molecular basis of cancer, the epidemiology of this disease, and the relationship between the two.

chromosome imageIn "Understanding the Molecular Basis of Cancer" students will visualize the DNA damage that occurs over the lifetime of a cell.  As mutations accumulate, students can track the cancer genes that are mutated and explore which hallmarks of cancer each mutation confers.  By comparing profiles of various characters, students will see how environmental factors and behavioral choices affect mutation rate and thus cancer risk.

chromosome imageIn "Interpreting Data Maps" students will compare and contrast different approaches used to depict epidemiological data.  They will then have the opportunity to search for correlations between various behaviors and cancer incidence, while considering the difference between correlation and causation.


Combined, these two components will provide the tools necessary to understand how lifestyle influences events at the molecular level and how changes to the DNA of a single cell can give rise to cancer.


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